MHHV welcomes article contributions from members and non-members alike. We seek open, readable and interesting articles on any aspect of Australia's military history and heritage.

Subjects might include: biographies, unit histories, reminiscences and commemorations, memorabilia, restorations and preservation, medals and awards, insignia and uniforms, weapons and equipment, defence strategy and policy, impact and memories of war, home front, recruitment and training, active service, and so on. Articles with a particular emphasis on Victorian military history and heritage will be especially welcomed.

The article section is edited by Tony Hastings, MHHV member, author and historian.

Guidelines for contributors

Articles should be between 500 – 1,000 words.

Articles should not contain footnotes, though a short bibliography (or listing of further references) can be included.

  • Please attach up to three images suitable for reproduction on the website with brief captions.
  • Please include a short biography (up to 100 words) of yourself for inclusion in 'About the Author'.
  • MHHV reserves the right to edit contributions if required, or reject any article not considered suitable for publication.

Articles can be submitted as attachments to email to: [email protected]

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