The Creswick Light Horse Troop

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Our Motto – “Continuing the ANZAC Tradition”  The Creswick Light Horse Troop was formed in 1995 as a joint initiative of the Creswick Youth Alliance, the Creswick Police, and the Creswick RSL Sub-branch.

The troop depicts the Light Horse of World War 1, not to glorify war but to preserve the memory of the Australian Light Horse and to perpetuate the ANZAC traditions such as mateship and national pride, within our current society. From it’s inception the involvement of the youth of Australia has been a major focus of the Troops activities and membership. This level of access to historical context and values has ensured traditions, embodied in the Australian Light Horse, are carried forward within the conscientiousness of our nations future.

Beginning with the Creswick Troop, public attention has compelled the growth of affiliate Troops such as Horsham, Corangamite, Bairnsdale and Yarra Valley. The combined membership has grown to the largest in Victoria and has facilitated access by event organisers to the unique display that this organization affords. At venues around Victoria and Interstate the Creswick Light Horse Troop honours all veterans and the spirit of Anzac by their involvement in commemorative ceremonies, special events and parades.

If you have any inquires regarding membership or for further information regarding a booking you may use the following contacts to get in touch. If emailing or faxing we shall generally respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

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Creswick Light Horse Troop

President : Gary Chandler

  • Mobile: 0409 011 890

Secretary/ Treasurer: Joy Whymark

  • Phone: (03) 5345 2747
  • Fax: (03) 5345 2375
  • Mobile: 0407 814 532

Horsham Light Horse Troop

Ms Pat Walker or Mr Barry Tucker

  • Phone: (03) 5383 7531

Corangamite Light Horse Troop

David McGinness

  • Mobile Phone No. 0417336887

Bairnsdale Light Horse Troop

John Soutter

  • Phone (03) 51 568524

Yarra Valley Light Horse Troop

David Hutchinson

  • Phone (03) 59 674577

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