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East Melbourne is a tiny suburb adjoining the city of Melbourne bounded by Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens to the west, Victoria Parade to the north, Hoddle Street to the east and Yarra Park to the south, home of the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. East Melbourne was included in Robert Hoddle’s original 1837 plan for the city but the first private house was not built until 1853.

The suburb today reflects a history of Victoria with its beautiful gardens, grand houses of the gold rush era and workmen’s cottages. Cast iron lacework adorns the houses, bluestone cobbled lanes lead to old coach houses and brick dunnies. Artists, scientists, politicians, judges, educators, priests, explorers, entrepreneurs, courtesans, philanthropists and social activists lived here and many a tale is told of characters wild and exotic.


• To foster an interest in the history of East Melbourne.

• To build an archive of material relevant to the history of East Melbourne.

• To promote interchange of information through lectures and tours.

• To promote heritage preservation.


Jill Fenwick (President)

Rosemarie Smith (Vice President)

Sylvia Black (Hon. Secretary)

Malcolm Howell (Treasurer)

Deirdre Basham (Membership)

Liz Rushen

Jacinta Ryan

Graham Shepherd

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