Victorian Colonial Infantry Association Inc
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Parading as the  Mount Alexander Rifles (1865 – 1895)

Researching and Re-enacting Victoria’s Early Military History

The Victorian Colonial Infantry Association Inc, Mount Alexander Rifles are a group re-enacting Victoria’s Colonial Military past…

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We are available to add a historic military presence to community celebrations. Members attend in period military uniforms, and, depending on the event, can set up a historically accurate display of military life in the 1800’s, or fire a blank volley from period rifles. We are also available to give talks to community groups on early Victorian military history.  The Victorian Colonial Infantry Association Inc. researches the members and units of the early Victorian Defence Forces (VDF).

If you have an ancestor in the VDF, we may be able to help you find out where and when he served.

Volunteers outside the Old Castlemaine Drill Hall, c1868

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