Werribee Half Battery
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The Werribee Half Battery is a re-enactment or ceremonial group keeping alive the traditions of the original Victorian Horse Artillery (VHA) which existed from 1889 – 1897, in Werribee and at Rupertswood in Sunbury.

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The VHA was unique in that it was raised and sponsored by the pioneering Clarke and Chirnside families in conjunction with the Victorian Government.

Many members went on to serve in the Boar and first World Wars.

The Werribee Half Battery is also a youth development organisation made up of young people who make up the NCOs and other ranks supported by adult officers.

Half battery members dress in the traditional impressive blue ceremonial uniform or khaki field uniform and carry the traditional arms of the VHA, the Martini Henry Carbine and artillery sword.

The Half Battery is equipped with artillery, currently a 2pdr Whitworth breech loading mountain gun.

This artillery piece is used for artillery training, firing blank salutes and projectiles for artillery marksmanship.

The Werribee Half Battery is available to support private and community activities, and can provide salutes, guards of honour, catafalque squads, sword arches and artillery gun crews.

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