1968 From the Vietnam War to Vietnamese Immigration: Melbourne’s Long “Sixties”

The significance and meanings of notable dates, eras and events are both highly historically-contested and geographically-specific.

They are also often intensely personal. While the focus of most of the papers in this symposium is political – the ‘events’ of 1968 and the legacies of the protest movements of the 1960s in Australia and elsewhere – my introductory paper takes a more social and cultural approach to exploring the various meanings and legacies of ‘the Sixties’.

It does so by documenting a range of issues and events from the ‘long-1960s’ in Melbourne and speculates on their on-going effects on the city and Australian society more generally in the decades since.

Seamus O’Hanlon teaches contemporary and urban history at Monash University. His latest book is City Life: the new urban Australia, which has just been published by NewSouth.

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