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Military history and heritage is an important part of Australia’s national story. MHHV Inc. aims to encourage interest in Australian and especially Victorian military history and heritage in all of its forms; to develop and engage in activities related to its research, preservation, promotion, education and commemoration. MHHV also aims to promote the interests of its member organisations in the community at large and to promote communication and cooperation within the military history and heritage community.

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Men of ANGAU – A History of the Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit by Lieutenant Colonel Neil C. Smith, AM Retd

ANGAU – the Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit, or ‘Angow’ as it was commonly referred to, was the largest and most diverse Australian Military Force unit in World War Two.

In Honour of War Heroes: Colin St Clair Oakes and the Design of Kranji War Memorial by Athanasios Tsakonas

In Honour of War Heroes: Colin St Clair Oakes and the Design of Kranji War Memorial.


URGENT COVID-19 NOTICE In response to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, some MHHV Member events have been cancelled, suspended or postponed. Due to the number of events publicised, MHHV is unable to confirm all the proposed changes. Please contact the host organisation(s) directly to confirm if the event will be continuing or if any […]

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From the Sea of Marmara to the North Gate of Baghdad: The Story of Four HMAS AE2 Crew Members

The story of HM Australian Submarine AE2 in the Dardanelles campaign typically ends on April 30, 1915 when the stricken submarine, after penetrating the Narrows and ‘running amok’ against the Turkish warships was severely damaged and forced to surface. The valiant crew abandoned ship before scuttling it in the Sea of Marmara. The vessel itself […]

VJ Day 75th Anniversary 15 August 2020

This year marks the 75th anniversary of VJ Day which is the day, 15 August 1945, when the Japanese formally surrendered to the Allies.

Dealing with a Deadly Legacy – Aussie Soldiers Clearing Land Mines in Afghanistan by Marcus Fielding

In what is probably the most extraordinary and hazardous circumstances ever faced by Australian soldiers, ninety-two combat engineers helped to clear minefields in the midst of an ongoing civil war.