‘A Noble Son Fall’n to Earth’ – A review of the presentation by Dr. Daryl Moran

The 2016 Military History and Heritage series of History seminars at the Pompey Elliott Memorial Hall in Camberwell started in February and this first presentation was another excellent one and sets the bar very high for the rest of the year’s program.
Dr Daryl Moran a military history academic graduate presented his paper ‘A Noble Son Fall’n to Earth’ – A Caulfield Grammar boy in the Royal Flyer Corps.

I must be frank and say my first reaction when I received the invitation to attend was less than enthusiastic and I did in fact wonder if I should attend. How glad I was that I did go after Daryl had finished his presentation. Ten out of ten.

Dr Moran
Daryl’s research and his style of presentation was inspiring. He built the story based on many letters written by Lt Lyle Buntine to his family in Melbourne. From a student at Caulfield Grammar where his father was the owner and principal to his untimely death in a training flight in Scotland was a spell binding tale and adventure. Daryl held us in hands as he related Lyles few years in the conflict of WW1. The style of his letters to his father, mother, brothers and sisters was analysed and showed the difference of detail that each parent and sibling was given. A very interesting point that is not generally able to be researched.

Not only was the oral presentation excellent but the range of photo’s and letters that Daryl had sourced was unique and being part of the family collection not normally available to the public.

The large group of attendees were given a rare treat and the follow up Q and A had to be cut short after 20 minutes. The attendees again enjoyed the hospitality of MHHV with pre presentation drinks and snacks.

The standard set by MHHV with this speaker presentation is well above average and it just seems that every presentation is better than the last. If you are a Military History buff and have not attended one of the MHHV speaker presentations then I would have no hesitation in saying you should make the effort as not only Daryl but all the speakers have been outstanding.

Click here for “A noble son fall’n to Earth – The Short Life of Lt. Lyle Buntine MC”

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