Call for Papers – Hard Fought: Australia in the Mediterranean Theatre 1940-1945

Military History & Heritage Victoria Inc. 4th Biennial Two-Day Conference – Hard Fought: Australia in the Mediterranean Theatre 1940-1945 9-10 April 2022, Waverley RSL, Melbourne.
This conference will examine the contribution of Australia’s Army, Navy and Air Force to Allied operations and campaigns in the Mediterranean Theatre over 1940-1945. From Libya, Greece, Crete, Syria-Lebanon, Egypt, and Malta, in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, southern France and the Balkans, Australians in units or as individuals were active in the theatre.

What were the strategic imperatives about the Mediterranean Theatre and why was Australia there? How did Australia support Allied strategy in the Mediterranean Theatre and what were the consequences for Australia after Japan attacked in the Pacific? What was the Axis opposition and how did the Australians measure up against the Italians, Germans and Vichy French? What was the experience of Australia Air Force, Navy and Army, nationally or as part of Allied forces? What were the Australian contributions to Allied victories, and how did they deal with their defeats? What was the experience of the Australians captured by the Axis, and of Axis prisoners in Australia? How did the medical services cope? Who were the leaders and battle commanders and how did they perform? What were the stories of courage in ground, sea and air battles? How have we remembered those who fell?

Call for Papers
If you are interested or your current research is on the subject or relevant to the Australian contribution to the operations and campaigns of the Mediterranean Theatre, we invite proposals for papers relating to current research in this broad area for the conference in 2022, in the following streams:

① Strategy, Politics and Diplomacy 1939-1942 ② Opposing Forces: Italians, Germans and Vichy French ③ First Shots I: Air Sea and Land Campaigns 1940 ④ First Shots II: Air, Sea and Land Campaigns 1941 ⑤ Battle for Greece ⑥ Battle for Crete ⑦ Syria and Lebanon 1941 ⑧ North Africa 1942 ⑨ Prisoners of War, Escape & Evasion, and Resistance ⑩ Final Shots – in the Air and At Sea 1943-1945 ⑪ Courage and Leadership ⑫ Lest We Forget – Memorials and Memories ●

Thirty-minute paper proposals are invited for those working in the areas related to the study of this theatre during WWII. In addition to established academics and practitioners, the organisers are keen to receive proposals from post-graduate students, early career scholars and independent professionals and researchers.

Please send your abstract or panel proposals to Dr Andrew Kilsby at and including the following information:

1. Paper title
2. Nominated stream
3. Name and affiliation
4. Contact details (email and mobile phone)
5. Abstract of 150-200 words
6. Biography of 50-80 words highlighting research interests/publications (up to four titles and year only).

Note: Accepted abstracts and biographies will be made public on this site. Please do not add any information to the abstract that you do not wish to be made public at a future date.

Note: Only complete proposals submitted through the conference email will be considered for inclusion in the conference program. It is planned to publish the conference proceedings at a later date. Presenters are also invited to submit written articles based on their presentation for consideration for publication on the MMHV website.

Key dates:

• Deadline for proposals: 15 December 2021
• Notification: By 31 December 2021
• Program finalised: 1 February 2022
• Conference: 9-10 April 2022

Please address all queries, and to submit proposals, to


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