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Assistance is sought from MHHV  members in support of a project tentatively called “The Gallipoli Oak Project”. Its purpose is to commemorate the centenary of the 1st World War in the year 2015 and specifically the Gallipoli campaign that was of significance to the Turkish, Australian and New Zealand armed forces.
We understand that during WW1 soldiers at Gallipoli collected acorns from the Gallipoli Oak trees (Quercus coccifera subsp. calliprinos) and brought them home where several were planted and survived. These are growing in country Victoria and there is one Gallipoli Oak tree growing in the grounds of the Shrine of Remembrance.

We plan to propagate and grow 2000 Gallipoli Oak tree seedlings in Australia and distribute these to Primary schools throughout the State of Victoria for planting by school children in a ceremony of remembrance in 2015. We will also be providing plaques and interpretive material for the schools to assist the community to appreciate and better understand our enduring relationship with the Turkish people and their living heritage.

The assistance we are seeking from MHHV members relates to the interpretive material and specifically any historic information on the WW1 soldiers bringing acorns back from Gallipoli and planting them. I thought some of your members may have knowledge of the soldiers and their trees.

Peter Whitelaw – Chair, Gallipoli Oak Project for the National Trust (Victoria) – also MHHV member – Contact or 0411 107 039

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