MHHV Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Please take notice that a general meeting of Military History and Heritage Victoria Inc. (hereafter MHHV Inc.) will be held in the Blamey Room of Victoria Barracks, St. Kilda Road, South Bank, Melbourne, Victoria 3007 at 6 pm on Wednesday 22 October 2013.

1. Attendance.
2. Apologies.
3. Minutes of previous AGM.
4. President’s Report.
5. Treasurer’s Report.
6. Elections:
– President,
– Vice President,
– Secretary,
– Treasurer, and
– Committee Members (3).
7. Other appointments:
– Honorary Auditor.
8. Date of next meeting.
9. Close of meeting.
Jason McGregor
Secretary and Public Officer

Election of Office Bearers and Ordinary Committee Members for 2014/15

Positions Vacant
All positions on the MHHV Inc. Committee are open for election at this year’s AGM on 22 October 2014. The office bearer positions are:
–      President
–      Vice-President
–      Secretary
–      Treasurer
In addition, three Ordinary Members of Committee are open for election.

To be received by the Secretary no later than 5 pm, Friday 17 October 2014.
If you wish to be nominated for a position, please sign and date the nomination form and return to the Secretary by 5 pm Friday 17 October 2014. The Secretary will ensure your nominations are signed by two members of the Committee if you are not able to obtain nomination signatures yourself. Nominations to be sent to by post to:
PO Box 24376
Melbourne VIC 3000

If nominations do not fill all vacancies, nominations may be taken from the floor at the AGM to fill those vacancies.

Voting can be made by Proxy forms given to a member who will be attending the AGM.
Note that voting is only required if there is more than one nomination for a position. Positions where only one candidate has nominated will be elected unopposed.

Voting in Person
Voters must be financial members of MHHV Inc. Proxy forms must be produced if used.

Download the Nomination form here

Email if you would like a copy of the MHHV Model rules.

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