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The National Vietnam Veterans Museum (NVVM) is a unique Museum. Originally founded by Vietnam veterans to help and support veterans to cope better with their experiences during the Vietnam War (1962-1975) and after their return to Australia, the NVVM seeks to remember, interpret and understand the experience of the veterans of the Vietnam era and the enduring impact of the war on society.
Now in its 15th year as a military collection and its second year as an independent museum, the NVVM has been accepted into the Museums Accreditation Program (MAP) and is focused on accreditation by the end of 2016 or before.

The NVVM provides a unique and authentic experience for any visitor, young and old, with new galleries and exhibits, along with a huge range of memorabilia and artefacts large and small.

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The Museum presents the story of Australia’s military involvement at a time of deep division among the Australian population over conscription. The Museum is of great historical and cultural significance for Australians of all ages and also provides a nostalgic meeting place for Veterans and their families.

Located on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia – a popular tourist location – the Museum was officially opened on the 9th March 2007. From its initial concept – a Land rover and trailer touring Australia – equipment, photos and stories were donated and added to the collection…

It was important in planning that the museum reflects a focus of unity for the Vietnam veteran community. We are delighted that this has been achieved. There are many veterans who have stated, either personally or in covering letters, that they are not affiliated with any club or organization. It is important that the National Vietnam Veterans Museum is accepted as belonging to all Vietnam Veterans; there are no second-class citizens in our community.

It is handy to be able to find literature that expresses the Museum’s purpose accurately. In its Code of Ethics (2004), The International Council of Museums describes a museum as:
“A non-profit making, permanent institution, in the service of society and of its development which is open to the public, acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits, for purposes of study, education and enjoyment, the tangible and intangible evidence of people and their environment.”

This is exactly what the Museum stands for. With veteran and public support, this important National Museum will continue to progressively move forward and we hope, that you as veterans, your families and visiting members of the public, will be proud of it and a part of its future.

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