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MIlitary History and Heritage Victoria was selected for preservation by the State Library of Victoria
Since 1996, the National Library in collaboration with state libraries and other heritage organisations has been selecting, collecting and archiving copies of Australian web sites and online publications through a program known as the PANDORA Archive.

The objective of this program is to ensure long-term access to this important form of Australia’s documentary heritage. In recognition of its significance the PANDORA Archive was placed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Australian Register in August 2004.

Content ranges from single files, such as a text document in PDF, to large web sites, consisting of thousands of files in a variety of formats, including text, sound, image or video

In addition to government and academic publications, the Archive also includes sites representing cultural activity, Australia’s diverse peoples, community concerns, political activity such as election campaigns, sport, and many other topics.

Many titles are re-gathered on a regular basis to capture updated content and changes to the website that happen over time.

Most content in the Archive is freely accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. A small amount of content may have access restrictions applied for commercial or legal reasons.

Content may be found by searching the ‘Archived websites (1996 – now)‘ section of the Library’s discover service Trove, searching the Library’s online catalogue (adding ‘PANDORA electronic collection’ to your search query) or by browsing subject listings and titles on the PANDORA Website. is now preserved by Pandora.



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