Membership Benefits
MHHV Inc. invites individuals and organisations with an interest in military history and heritage to join MHHV Inc. and enjoy the following benefits:

General Benefits

  • The opportunity to promote your individual/organisational events and activities, both online and offline, through MHHV Inc.
  • The opportunity to strengthen the voice of MHHV Inc. and in doing so support military history and heritage in their community and Victoria in general.
  • The ability to submit military history and heritage issues for consideration by the MHHV Inc. Council with a view to advocacy or support for those interests to Government.

Specific Benefits

  • Four copies of Wartime magazine per year (individuals and organisations via point of contact).
  • Invitations and discounted entry to specific MHHV Inc. events or sponsored events. 
  • Free access for accepted individual or organisation volunteers for MHHV Inc. ticketed events and programs. 
  • ‘Income share’ from ticketed events, as determined by the MHHV Inc., based on Volunteer contribution.
  • Access to online, Victoria-wide military history and heritage information on related activities.
  • Free advertising on the MHHV Inc. website with link to member website of member activities and profile (organisation members).
  • Nomination and voting rights in elections for the MHHV Inc. Council.
  • Entitlement to stand for a MHHV Inc. Council position at the MHHV Inc. AGM if nominated by the affiliated organisation member as its representative.
  • Other benefits as determined by the MHHV Inc. from time to time.

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