Office of Air Force History

The OAFH is the source of authoritative information on RAAF History. It implements the policy on the collection of Air Force History as part of legislative requirements and uses the information to carry out research and analysis on matters of interest to the RAAF. The Office maintains a close liaison with the other three agencies of the Centre and facilitaties incorporation of historical analysis into their work.

Oswald Watt: the leader the RAAF never had

Accounts of the period when command arrangements for the Royal Australian Air Force were decided prior to its formation, on 31 March 1921, have usually focused on the competing claims of two local officers: Lieutenant Colonel Richard Williams, formerly of the Australian Flying Corps (AFC) during World War I, and Wing Commander S.J. (‘Jim’) Goble, an […]

The Australian Air Corps

On its formation on 31 March 1921, the RAAF was the second independent air force in the world—after the Royal Air Force (RAF). But another distinct “air force” flew aircraft, set records and carried out government tasks in Australia well before this date. How did this force come about and what happened to it?

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