Tony Griffiths

Tony Griffiths

Tony Griffiths is a retired electronics engineer whose family connection to Lithgow and its Commonwealth Small Arms Factory inspired him to write first a small history of the mysterious ‘Enfield Inch’, and then a two-volume history of the Small Arms Factory, ‘Lithgow’s Small Arms factory and its People 1907-1990’. Along the way he discovered the almost forgotten story of Australia’s civilian volunteers in British factories during WWI, including the saga of the Bahia Castillo, and wrote ‘An Industrial Invasion’. Current work is to explore the question: why .303?

The Bahia Castillo affair – 1919

During research for ‘An Industrial Invasion’, I came across the story of about 6000 Australian civilian men who volunteered to go and work in British factories during WWI an effort Winston Churchill called ‘An Industrial Invasion’, a phrase I used as the title of the book on that subject.

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