Battle of Crete & Greece CC

Battle of Crete & Greece CC

The Battle of Crete & Greece Commemorative Council was formed in October 2015 in Melbourne and is an initiative of the indefatigable leadership of the Cretan Community of Victoria.

The Council has been established to ( a ) promote and commemorate the involvement of Anzac Forces in the Greek Campaign and the Battle of Crete in 1941, ( b ) to promote and commemorate the involvement of the Greek Army and Greek civilians in the campaigns that have forever created a bond between Australia and Greece, ( c ) re-enforce the historical connection between Australia and Greece, whether through military operations or migration, ( d ) Encourage pilgrimages and tourism between Australia and Greece to further deepen the appreciation of this connection, to enhance economic development and provision of associated infrastructure including memorials and finally ( e ) to reach out and seek the involvement of our ANZACS descendants and Families including children and grandchildren.

The Council aims to achieve this through engaging with Federal, State and Local Governments, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Ministry for Defence in Greece and Australia, seeking the support of the Allied Consular Offices, the participation of the Australian Unit Associations, Regiments and Battalions, the private sector and communities in Australia, New Zealand and Greece and especially at the local level in Crete, and other significant Anzac sites in Greece.

Its purpose is to commemorate the Anniversary of the Battle of Crete in Australia in such a way that will preserve and promote the shared history and the links of Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Greece, raise awareness of the importance of the Battle of Crete and Greek Campaigns and to remember and honor the fallen and the remaining veterans and in particular to our younger Generations and our Students.

Some of the events the Council has planned, include a photographic Exhibitions, Lectures, Seminars, Forums, Commemorative Services, Wreath Laying Ceremonies, Parades, Movie Nights, Olive Tree Plantations, Community Sporting Events, School Tours, Memorial Tours, Study Guides, Flag Ceremonies, Book Launches, Luncheons, Dinner Dances, Memorial Unveilings on the Australian involvement in 2nd World War and in particular the Battle of Crete.

• On building awareness of the Battle of Crete and Greek Campaign in the build-up, during and post the 75th Anniversary year in 2016
• Maximise mainstream turnout at the Battle of Crete Commemorative events at the Shrine of Remembrance and Australian Hellenic Memorial
• Support the Cretan Community in their Annual Battle of Crete Commemorations and encourage other Greek Community organisations that have a significant ANZAC heritage to commemorate their history.
• Private James Zampelis is the only Hellenic Anzac to die in the Battle of Greece and Crete. Consideration may be given to produce and install a small bronze plaque at the village Mournes where he was killed.
• To approach other community groups to be involved in the Annual Program that have an ANZAC connection.
• To engage political and community pressure to the Australian Government to recognize the Battles of Greece and Crete by awarding a specific Medal.

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