Ray McMahon

Ray McMahon

Ray McMahon has a lifelong interest in the art and science of target rifle shooting and has been a target rifle shooter for some 55 years. He is currently researching the early rifle ranges used by the colonial Volunteers in inner-Melbourne and collects unique firearms and books about firearms. Ray’s great grandfather Patrick was a Volunteer in the East Collingwood Rifles from 1868 onwards, and was awarded the Victoria Volunteer Long and Efficient Service Medal in 1883. His great uncle Thomas, Patricks’ brother, saw service in the NZ Maori Wars of 1863-1864, having joined the 1st Waikato Regt. in Melbourne on the 1st of September 1863. Thomas was subsequently awarded the New Zealand War Medal in 1869.

The early muzzle-loaders in the Victorian Volunteer Forces

There was a proliferation of various types of rifles used by both the Volunteer Forces from 1860.  We can eliminate a few of these from this review, namely the short-barrelled percussion muzzle-loading carbines due to their lack of accuracy beyond 300 yards, as in those early days, all short range competition was carried out either […]

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