Keith Quinton

Keith Quinton

Keith Quinton spent much of his childhood visiting Swan Island Naval Mine Depot and various “Heads” fortifications, which fostered a keen interest in the warships and military fortifications that guarded Port Phillip during the 19th Century. After briefly studying architecture, Fine Arts and photography he began pursuing a 30 year career teaching, art, photography and graphic design in various Victorian secondary schools. Since 2002 Keith has authored books including ‘Defending Port Phillip’ (2009) and ’Port Phillip Forts’ (2010). He co-authored ‘Shortland’s Bluff Battery’ (2011), and the definitive study – ‘Stop the Pfalz-1914’ (2012). He is currently researching the 1854-1900 Defences of Hobson’s Bay.

Fort Nepean – Understanding the trace – Part 1: Point Nepean 1878: Battery No. 1 & Battery No. 2

The author believes there are no previous in-depth examination of the two temporary sand-bag gun batteries constructed at Point Nepean during 1878-1882. Utilizing contemporary newspaper descriptions and five 1882 Fort Nepean drawings from the Australian National Archives collection, this article provides a comprehensive description of these two significant 19th Century defence works.

Fort Gellibrand – Understanding the Trace – Part II

In part 1 of ‘Fort Gellibrand – Understanding the Trace’ the fortification originally known as Williamstown Central Battery was examined through the gun positions and buildings which still exist on the Fort Gellibrand site. This essay will attempt to establish the initial trace of the fortification in 1860-1865, and the first redevelopment trace which took […]

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